CT 11

Chanan Tassana

What makes Thai art unique? Is it the distinctive structure of Thai architecture, the intricate Thai sculpture, or the painstakingly crafted work by Thai artisans? The answer to this question has prompted Chanan, our designer, to explore the origin of Thai aesthetics and subsequently to determine the approach from which he establishes his design identity of CT11 that also represents VIVI’s image and creative value.

To Chanan, the answer is “line,” gracefully exemplified by each fine and sharp brushstroke that makes up the 44 Thai alphabets. And he received his inspiration from each elaborate pressing line which precisely draws towards the lighter tip as if carrying intensity and sensitivity both at once.

CT11 makes use of curved wood to imitate the lines of each Thai alphabet. Its back and legs are designed to bring out a unique outline which once exposed to light casts a shadow and creates a contrasting image between the outstanding silhouette and the warm and bright wooden colour.

Size : 61.5 x 50.5 x 75.5 SH 45 (cm)

Smoke Oak (Nutural - PU)

Ash wood (Nutural - PU)

Beech wood (Nutural - PU)

Ash wood in black Hi-gloss

Chanan Tassana


educationBachelor of Industrial design,
Faculty of Architecture,
King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang, Thailand

work experience2015-now Product Designer at DOTS Design Studio
2012 Furniture Designer, Plato
2010 Internship with Stone&Steel

awards2019 : Red Dot Design Award 2019, Galvanii, Aunglo collection
2018 : DEmark Design Award 2018, Galvanii, Aunglo collection
2017 : DEmark Design Award 2017, Galvanii, Grid Chair
Good Design Award 2017, Galvanii, Grid Chair
2016 : DEmark Design Award 2016, Galvanii, Chamfer collection
Good Design Award 2016, Galvanii, Chamfer collection
2011 : Final round, Degree Show 2011 (Product)
2009 : Final round, Seagull design contest 2009

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